I don't know about the rest of you, but I actually pause when someone asks me about my profession. Each and every time I'll wage a cerebral war with myself on the pros/cons of telling this complete stranger about what I do, because 75% of the time the next words will be, "So I have this dog...".

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today's phone call

Caller: "Hi, I read on the internet that veterinarians are trained to examine tick bites better than human doctors, so I was wondering if I could schedule an appointment?"

Debbie: "Sure, what's your pet's name?"

Caller: "No, not for our dog. The appointment is for my wife."

Debbie: "Wait, I'm sorry. You want to schedule an appointment for your wife to be examined by a vet?"

Caller: "Exactly."

Debbie: "Sir, you are really going to have to call your doctor. We can't schedule appointments for humans."

Caller: "Well that doesn't make sense." hangs up


  1. I kind of like his idea, tell him it will be $1000 and he signs a waiver that in no way holds you accountable.

    Isn't health care in America wonderful

  2. seriously??? we are not trained as HUMAN DOCTORS! How stupid are people? I lose my faith in people on a daily basis... :)

  3. But on the other hand, isn't it nice to have someone solicit YOUR opinion over their MD's, instead of saying stuff like, "Oh, how cute! You look just like a real surgeon!"?


  4. The best part was when he said it didn't make sense!

  5. HP - you can't fix stupid! I swear I say this everyday about someone somewhere..